Shahnaaz Irani – Nizam’s Kitchen

When legend and reality blend, folklore is born…

The Nizams of Hyderabad left behind a 400 year old princely legacy that has infused the culinary trail of Hyderabadi cuisine with sublime flavors that never fail to entice the taste buds. The aroma wafting from the kitchens of the Nizams is legendary. Cookery was elevated to an art form and those fortunate to have been invited never forgot the experience….

Influenced by the Turks, the Arabs and the Mughals, Hydrabadi cuisine boasts of biryani, haleem, mughlai and tandoori specialties that are reminiscent of the lavish entertainment by the aristocrats.  Carefully chosen ingredients are handpicked along with the meat and the rice – to elaborate a little known fact – the reason why chicken 65 was named so was because a chicken that was precisely 65 days old was selected for the dish that would grace the elaborate table settings of the Nizams banquet table!

Hyderabadi Biryani is known the world over for its fulsome flavors that will titillate your palate long after you have relished the dish.

The fresh spices and herbs complement the slow cooking method, better known as Dum Pukht. Though fewer spices are used, the biryani is unusually flavorsome. Each of the spices is slow roasted to gently coax it to release all its flavors. A layer of dough is used to seal the rice in and the heavy round pot is placed over a slow fire to allow the biryani to dum (breathe) and pukht (cook). Simmering slowly in its own juices, the rice and meat retain all the flavors and are imbued with the appetite satiating aromas that will fill your senses.

This is what distinguishes Hyderabadi cuisine and sets it apart.

You will to be treated like royalty when you step in here and we will look the other way if you are tempted to lick your lips in anticipation when the aromas come wafting through and your mouth begins to water….


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