Global Zarathushti Medical Assistance Grant Program Platform.

Dear Zarathushti Brothers and Sisters:

Let us all begin this NouRouz with the gift of giving to our community for which we are known on this planet. With the cohesive support from Global Zarathushti Organizations we are proudly launching the

Global Zarathushti Medical Assistance Grant Program Platform.

This cohesive platform that has been put together by our future generation – the YLEP Youth Group of India. This is purely a GRANT program which offers the following unique benefits:

 1. It allows each participating Trust/Association  to operate independently but the person in need becomes a recipient of collective Global Zarathushti Medical Grant Assistance.

 2. It endeavors to provide proper tracking of funds collected for the recipient so that it does not over-fund any recipient by maintaining accountability.

 3. It will be administered and monitored by Zarathushtis – the YLEP Group of India. Our future generation.

As a token of communal harmony and unity the following Global Zarathushti Anjomans have officially agreed to participate on this platform with a true Zarathushti Gusto.

Bombay Parsi Punchayet, India

 Karachi Parsi Anjuman Trust Funds, Pakistan

 Federation of Zoroastrian Associations of North America (FEZANA) (USA & Canada)

WZO Trust Funds, India

Zoroastrian Trusts Funds of Europe, United Kingdom

World Zoroastrian Organization, United Kingdom

 Australian Zoroastrian Association of New South Wales, Australia

 Zoroastrian Association of Victoria, Australia

 The Parsi Zoroastrian Association of South East Asia, Singapore

 The Hong Kong Zarathushti Trust Funds, reports that the Trustees are in the process of considering it

in their upcoming committee meeting.

Zarathustrian Association of New Zealand, reports that ZANZ needs a little more time. 

We are grateful to all our Respected Global Zarathushti Leaders for expanding this circle of kindness and graciousness and pray that this special platform will serve as a  Global Circle of Charity with Dignity and Unity for our Community.  We are also sharing the attached document titled: WHY Z-FUNDS — AND HOW IT HELPS TO STREAMLINE Z-CHARITY. This document is CREATED by our YLEP Expert Team to provide greater insight about the veracity of this special platform.

 Please note that this platform is not designed to restrict the trusts or associations, nor to change their policies in any way, but rather to broaden their reach and more optimally use global funds to meet those needs.  So, a Trust/Association will still function with all its existing policies, except now they will be more aware of the global needs and can choose how to spend their charitable funds accordingly.

 For more information, please visit:

 Thank you for being an integral part of OUR Zarathushti Legacy of living with passion and giving with compassion

 In the spirit of reaching out with love, light and gratitude from

Meher Amalsad

Westminster, California, USA


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