Agiary in Ichhapore

I shall be thankful to receive your assistance/guidance in the foll. Matter.

There is an agiary – now a dadgah –  in village Ichhapore, dist. Bhatha, Post Surat in gujrat, known as Powwalla Agiary (does not know full name).  There are still few parsee families residing in the village and looking after the agiary.  The agiary premises is in a bad state and needs a repairing/renovation.  The residents of the village, some time ago, had collected a small fund to carry out the repairs, however, due to non-cooperation of the existing trustees, nothing was done.   In fact no one is aware of the existence of the Trust deed for this agiary nor any one shows any interest.

Now the parsees residing in the village, by grace of God, have prospered monetarily (thanks to the guj. Govt. for all round development) and they want to contribute relatively sizeable fund towards the repair of the agiary premises.

Would you be kind enough to help how to go about in the matter.  How one can find about the trust deed, whether registered ( unlikely) or who  would be the present trustees and  in the event if no proper source is ascertained, how one can go about it.  Can Surat Parsee Panchayat be approached and do they have right to take initiative ?

Basically our family is also from this  village and hence this request.

Any guidance will be highly appreciated.

Thanks and kind regards

Khurshied Ichhaporia


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