Get a glimpse of Gujarat’s fire temple in city

For the next ten days, Mumbai’s art and history enthusiasts can get a glimpse of the timeless charm of the Zoroastrian pilgrimage capital, Udvada, enclosed in 60 odd photo frames. As part of the exhibition titled Udvada, city-based photographer Shantanu Das has captured the quiet hamlet of Gujarat in its distinct charm. The exhibition has been organised by industrialist Parvez Damania, who belongs to one of the nine priestly families of Udvada.

The exhibition is being held at Tao Atrium Gallery, Sajan Plaza, 165, Dr Annie Beasant Road, Worli and will be open from 11am to 7pm up to April 7. It will be open on Sundays.

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Parvez Damania, looking splendid in his ceremonial Parsi dagli with wife Roshni in a newly embroidered red traditional sari, must be complimented  for this larger window into a fiercely insular world.

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Courtesy : Jehangir Bisney

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