Decline of the Parsee community in India

The subject matter is not something about which the community has not been aware. It is an issue about which much has been written by many, but nothing concrete done.
If anything, this initiative is to ignite minds into thinking about doing something for the survival of the community in India. What is required are open minds, clear thoughts, objective analysis and decisive action.

Decline of the Parsee community in India;

–        Dinshaw Kaiki Tamboly

The Parsees, a proud community, having impressive resources, is perhaps one of the smallest communities in India if not the smallest. As per the 2001 Census of India the number of Parsee’s in India had been computed at 69,601 only, which is undoubtedly a drop in the ocean of India as a whole.

Based on a 10% decrease every decade, the Parsee race in India will come down to 41,099 by 2050 and 24,268 by 2100.

If one calculates the depletion @ 12% per decade, the figures can be 36,730 by 2050 and 19,382 by 2100. 

The decimation of numbers will in all probability accelerate in the years to come as the 2001 census has identified 24.1% of Parsees to be above 65 years of age. 

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  • instead of putting articles decline in community we parsi should come across meet on festivals espically young parsi girls and boys parsee should creates web site like facebook

  • It’s real sad that Parsis community is declining .
    We need parsis, India need more Parsis

    We love you. Please do something before it’s Too Late

    Every Parsis couple MUST have 8-10 children.
    What the problem , most of you people are in good financial condition. If the Muslims can have cricket teams in their homes why can’t you ?????

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