Prof. Sumihara at Hongkong

I talked about TATA group in relation with Parsi at an international symposium held at the University of Hong Kong in November 2011 The venue was the historic building which Hormsjee Mody had played a central role to build for the university over a century ago. As I mentioned this historic fact in my talk, some of the participants suggested to take a picture together in front of Mr. Mody’s statue
during break time. Attached is that photo in which a dark statue behind us is Mr Mody.

The participants of the symposium were composed of not only scholars but of former executives of Panasonic, Honda, and Chinese executives of Sony, Microsoft and so on.

Interestingly enough, I found that the venue of the symposium was within the same building only after I arrived at the university.  Besides, as the building is getting old now and the historic significance is invaluable, it will no longer be used for our kind of activities.
So we had a very last chance of holding our event there!

We felt as though Mr. Mody welcomed us and my presentation in that building.

The symposium was a great success, based on which we are going to publish a book early next year.

Noriya Sumihara

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