Navroze at OZCF

This year’s OZCF  (Ontario Zoroastrian Community Foundation) Jamshedi Navroze function saw a huge turn out as over 500 attended the New Year’s celebration. Navroze marks the arrival of the Vernal Equinox, coinciding with the first day of Spring which signals the start of the new season after the long winter. The event has been celebrated for millennia by people of Persian and Central Asian descent.

The festivities were held on Saturday March 24th at a revamped Payal Banquet Hall, a familiar venue which has hosted many a function in our community. An entire cross-section of  the community was present, with Iranians and Parsis, the very young, a new-born of just a few days to nonagenarians, were on hand to meet, greet and share in the conviviality. No Zoroastrian event would be complete without the good food which satiated us all. And of course, the music had celebrants busting many a move to a packed dance floor.

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Courtesy : Percy Dastur

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