Adar mah YZ 1381. Salgrehs

Baname Khuda!


Dear Zarathushti humdins.


Adar month of the year YZ 1381 has begun since the last 2 days.

Today on Wed, 17th April is Ardibehest roz.


Obviously Adar Yazad being a Hamkar of Ardibehest Ahmeshaspand, we have some Salgrehs of Agairies today.


In this whole Adar mah, we have as many as 39 Salgrehs (if records received are correct).


The most important Salgreh in this month is of course that of Iranshah at Udvada, on Adar mah, Adar roz.

This happens to be Sat, 24th April. There will be jashan and gambhars on this day.

Atash Padshahs require kathi/bawal for their sustenance. Maybe in this month you may think of how you can contribute to the Kathi fund of your favourite agiary. Or, you may also contact Mr. Rustom C Chothia (, who too has set up a Kathi Fund.


Today on Ardibehest roj, we have the Salgrehs of these Agiaries:


Narielvala Adarian, Dadar, Mumbai

The Seth Naoroji Cawasji Narielvala Adarian at Dadar was consecrated way back in the year YZ 1191 (AD 1822) and is thus 190 years old.


This is an era when my great-great-grand-father was alive; and today we still have amidst us an institution running well and kept alive by the efforts of the management trustees and the daily devotion and dedication and sacrifices of the Ervad Sahebs there.

It should be noted that the Narielvala Adarian was originally at Mount Road in Mazgaon.



Wadia Adarian at Siganpor, near Surat

The Lowji Wadia Adarian at Siganpor was consecrated in the year YZ 1218 (AD 1849), thus making it 163 years old.

The Zoroastrian calendar by Ahura Mazda Enterprise says its Salgreh is on Ardibehest roj, but the book by Mr. Giara (1st edition) says it is on Amardad roj i.e. Tues, 22nd April.

Which of these is true, could humdins please clarify


The Anjuman Daremeher at Mandvi, near Surat

The Anjuman Daremeher (Adarian) was consecrated in the year YZ 1242 (AD 1873) and is 139 years old today.


Vatcha Agiary at Fort, Mumbai

The Bai Pirojbai Dadabhoy Maneckji Vachha Adarian at Fort, Mumbai was consecrated in the year YZ 1250 (AD 1881) and is therefore 131 years old.


Patel Daremeher at Vesu, near Surat

The Bai Pirojbhai Maneckji Patel Daremeher at Vesu was consecrated in the year YZ 1258 (AD 1889) and is therefore 123 years old today.


Goiporia Dadgah at Davier

The Seth Navajbai Fakirji Goiporia Dadgah was consecrated in the year YZ 1224 (AD 1855) and is therefore 157 years old.


Anjuman Daremeher (Dadgah) at Rajkot

The Anjuman Daremeher (Dadgah) at Rajkot was consecrated in the year YZ 1244 (AD 1875) and is therefore 137 years old today.

I am enclosing the complete list of Salgrehs in this month below.

If you spot an error or a missing Salgreh, do let me know.


Thank you.


Ardibehest roj, Wed, 17th April

– Narielwalla Adarian, Dadar, Mumbai

– Wadia Adarian at Siganpor, near Surat

– The Anjuman Daremeher at Mandvi, near Surat

– Vatcha Agiary at Fort, Mumbai

– Patel Daremeher at Vesu, near Surat

– Goiporia Dadgah at Davier

– Anjuman Daremeher (Dadgah) at Rajkot


Asfandard roj, Thurs 19th April

– The Mullan Dadgah at Khergaum (near Valsad, Gujarat)


Khordad roj, Fri 20th April

– The Poonaiji Agiary at Nargol (not Pune)


Amardad roj, Sat, 21st April

– The Thoothi Agiary at Walkeshwar, Mumbai

– Wadia Adarian at Siganpor, near Surat (or is it on Ardibehest roj ie Sat, 18th April)


Adar roj, Mon, 23rd April

– Iranshah at Udvada <<<====== IRANSHAH SALGREH

– Banaji Limji Agiary at Fort, Mumbai

– Mithaiwalla Agiary at Grant Road

– M. N. Sett Agiary at Fort, Mumbai

– Patel Agiary at Andheri

– Gabba Adarian at Bilimora, Gujarat

– Jivanji Mistry Adarian, Surat

– Choksi Daremeher, Panchgani

– Mota Parsi vad Agiary, Valsad

– Petit Dadgah, Tarapore

– Wadia Daremeher, Karachi


Daepmeher roj, Sun 29th April

– Zaiya Wadia Dadgah, Surat


Sarosh roj, Tue, 1st May

– Cama Baug Agiary, Mumbai

– Mewawalla Agiary, Byculla

– Soonawalla Agiary, Mahim

– Chinoy Daremeher, Gandevi, Gujarat

– Gadabhai Daremeher, Pardi, near Udvada

– Randeria Daremeher, Rander, near Surat

– Anjuman Daremeher, Quetta, Pakistan


Behram roj, Fri 4th May

– Sir J J Adarian, Adajan

– Zaibordi Adarian, near Dahanu-Gholvad

– Sardar Patel Daremeher, Poona/Pune


Ram roj, Thurs, 5th May

– Rao Dadgah, Rustampura, Surat


Govad roj, Sun, 6th May

– Adenwalla Adarian, Lonavala


Daepedin roj, Mon, 7th May

– Saronda Anjuman Agiary

– Bharuch Narielwalla Agiary


Din roj, Tue, 8th May

– Mota Shapur Daremeher, Valsad


Ashtad roz, Thurs 10th May

– Bhumgara Dadgah, Indore


Aneran roz, Mon 14th May

– Petit Dadgah, Udvada (in Iranshah’s premises)


Best wishes,

Tehemton B. Adenwalla

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