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Shirin Farhad Ki Toh Nikal Padi

Director Farah Khan squeezed out some time from her directorial ventures and three kids to act in the sweet romantic comedy Shirin Farhad Ki Toh Nikal Padi withBoman Irani. The movie which comes with the tagline “Love has no expiry date” has Boman and Farah as a fiery couple who wants to get married.

The first trailer of the film is out and shows Boman Irani as a simple Farhad, a middle-aged Parsi man, who can’t find a suitable bride for himself. His profession of a salesman at a lingerie shop further kills his chances of getting a wife. A butt of jokes among his relatives, he remains a soft-spoken gentleman. Then he meets his perfect match in Shirin, played by Farah Khan, an eccentric, firecracker Parsi woman.

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Their numbers dwindling, govt offers Parsis help

Parsis, facing demographic peril, have found a close friend in the Congress-led UPA Government which is keen on helping the community improve its overall fertility rates which have been plummeting.

Towards this end, the Ministry of Minority Affairs, the nodal ministry for listed minorities, has firmed up a plan which includes sharing the cost of infertility treatment of Parsi couples.

The community, which has shrunk in numbers from a decent 1.14 lakh in 1941 to 69,601 in 2001, has been urging the Centre for long to help married, childless couples with counselling and infertility treatment.

At their own level, the community has been trying to do whatever it can to arrest rapid decline in its numbers, with Census 2011 showing even further decline.

The community wants the Centre to help them with the existing schemes such as the ones being run by the Bombay Parsi Punchayet (BPP), which counsels infertile Parsi couples and has medical facilities to help them access treatment. But the treatment cost is prohibitive in most cases and that’s where the Parsis want the government to help.

Minority Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid yesterday said the ministry had approached the Planning Commission with a scheme to help Parsis out of this unprecedented population decline. “The scheme would be hopefully included in the 12th Plan,” he said.

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The Significance of 30 days in the Zoroastrian Calender

I am beginning with’ Sarosh Roj’  : Savthi Buland Yezad, Asho Saroash Yezad hamari Pasbani Karo.   Saroash Yezad the most powerful Yezad amongst all the Yezatas. Protect us !

Roj Saroash: Mithra: Farman Panahi Saroash Yezad-’ Saroash Yezad Kudrat saath nu taabe daari nu raskhshan hamune baskhjo’.  Meaning:  Saroash Yezad protect my submission to the will of  Ahura Mazda. This statement is to be contemplated in a proper perspective.  Let us begin with our Kushti prayer:

The first knot  we tie on our waist:   reiterates that Ahura Mazda is my GOD.

The second knot  we tie : Asho Zarathustra is my Prophet.

The third knot we tie : I strongly believe that Mazdayasni Zarathosti is my religion.

And the last but not the least, the fourth knot  we tie :  Mithra is : I will be faithful to my GOD AhuraMazda, my Prophet Asho Zarathustra Spitam and my Mazdayasni Zarathosti Dean (Religion), through out my life.

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FEZANA Bulletin

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Mickey Mehta in UAE

Mickey Mehta plans to launch region’s first 360° Wellness Center in UAE

As a first step towards tapping the vast potential that exists in the Middle East, Mickey Mehta, the pioneer in the field of Holistic Health and Total Wellness and the pioneer of ‘Equipment-free Gyms’ in India, visited Dubai to promote his brand and explore the possibility of setting up the first Mickey Mehta’s 360° Wellness Center in Dubai with the aim of offering total wellness services – end-to-end solutions which include breathing, meditation, ayurvedic health solutions and ‘Equipment-free gyms’.

During his visit, Mickey Mehta, who is also a Life Coach to top billionaires of India and Bollywood stars, met very senior corporate honchos, HNWI’s, prospective investors and members of the Dubai-based expatriate community and well-wishers, as a part of efforts to promote his life transforming wellness services and create a footprint of this concept in this region.

A very special event addressing the Parsi diaspora through the World Zorastrian Chamber of Commerce, Dubai Chapter (WZCC) was organized courtesy of Mr. Rumi Sarkari, Dubai Chapter Chair and Regional Director for the Middle East.

Mr Sarkari, said: ‘The event for Mickey Mehta was a huge success within our WZCC-ME community members and their respective guests. The audience was very much in tune with what Mickey had to offer and his vast knowledge and command on the subject had everyone’s attention. One can always judge the success of an event, when the speaker is inundated with questions and suggestions to come forth and open up in Dubai. Such was the response that I am sure it has lifted the spirits of Mickey and his team to come back and look at venturing into Dubai and beyond’.

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An unusual book on the weaving of the sacred thread

Thread Bare

An unusual book on the weaving of the sacred thread worn by the Parsis adds to the craft revival stories in India

Few, even among textile conservationists, would imagine a book deconstructing kusti, (pronounced ‘kasti’), the sacred thread worn by the Parsi community. It is certainly not a topic that dots fashion conversations these days. But if revival is India’s biggest fashion story at the moment — through

disparate but persistent action by designers, textile experts and the government — unusual projects like these are gushy tributaries feeding into it. Textile designer Ashdeen Lilaowala’s Threads of Continuity, currently a work-in-progress book on kusti weaving, to be published by Parzor Foundation, an NGO, falls in that category.

Pretty strawberry milkshakes sit on the table between us on a baking summer afternoon as Lilaowala gently corrects me on my sweeping use of the term Parsis. He points out that some of it is about the Zoroastrian diaspora, while other references have seeped into our vast textile information from Iranian textile and craft. In the next 20 minutes, I realise that many of my facts about Parsi embroidery, craft, textile and clothes worn for Zoroastrian rituals are mixed up. That’s exactly the case with many people within the community as well, says Lilaowala, adding that documentation of such fundamental, but taken-for-granted realities like the sacred thread could address modern perplexities around identity. He emphasises that the Zoroastrian diaspora is keener than “Indian Parsis” to understand and practice lost rituals and the book attempts to recall information lost in the oral tradition.

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Education and Medical Aid


Education and Medical Aid Applications are invited from Parsi Irani Zoroastrian students studying in India or abroad for Educational Aid.

Also applications are invited from needy and poor Parsi Irani Zoroastrian persons wanting Medical Aid. Application with authentication from reputed person or local Parsi Panchayat / Anju man will only be considered.

Copies of all testimonials / bills & family income with evidence be sent with application for the current financial year (from lstApril 2012 onwards.)

Application be forwarded to: President / Managing Trustee Bulsar Parsi Anjuman Trust Funds A/c Rustomjee Master Trust Funds, Bejan Baug, Bunder Road, Valsad -396 001.

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