Shoe Drive-Day of Service

This is to inform all our members that the Shoe Drive initiated by the NextGenNow Youth Group resulted in ZANC collecting over 250 pairs of shoes.

At our Day of Service a few stalwart volunteers came to spring clean the Dare-mehr under the able supervision of Kerman Deboo.

We specially commend Ernaz & her son Jehan Irani for collecting nearly 100 pairs from their friends and neighbours as well as Jehan’s school friends.

Meher Mistri and Khurshid Gandhi with help of the volunteers who showed up, sorted ,separated and packed all the shoes in their cars to deliver them to our chosen non-profit.

We would also like to recognise the kids who were there and who greatly helped us:

Zehan & Jamsheed Ratan Mistry, Jamsheed Mistri, Cyrus Deboo. Bravo to you and your parents for encouraging you.

Thanks to ALL our usual volunteers for bringing goodies for our tea-break.

Bomi Patel

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