Dae Dadar


HAMKARS are Powers (Shakti). They are Yazads who help the Amesha Spentas.

They are Yazads of the spiritual world..

DAE is a Hamkar or helper to Dadar Ahura Mazda.

3 Days in every month and one full month in the year are devoted to the Yazad DAE.

The 8th day DAE- P – ADAR DADAR is the day for revering, worshiping God Ahura Mazda.

We must worship Ahura Mazda through His Son the Holy Fire.

There is fire in every creation and on this day we remember God through the fire VOHUFRYAN which is the fire burning in our bodies. This fire has to be fed by thinking good thoughts and doing good works. Selfless service to the poor and needy – Helping the old and infirm – Teaching the ignorant what Asho Zarathushtra Sahib taught us. These are the things a Zarthusty must do.

Selfless service to God without expecting a reward.

The 15th day DAE-P-MEHER DADAR is the day for doing joyful works. A good Zarthusty has to take care of his family – nurture the children and bring them up as good citizens and good Zarthusties. Just as God looks after His creations, we have to look after our offspring.

The 23rd day DAE-P-DIN DADAR is the day for remembering God. This is the day we should contemplate on why we are born on this earth, what is our purpose in this life. What does God want us to do. Asho Zarathushtra Sahib has given us the answer. We have to fight evil.

How?  By doing good works –

Fight first the ten evils within us – Then fight the external evils.

The ten evils within us are:

SELFISHNESS – (Swarthipanu)

VANITY- (Abhiman)

ENVY – (Adekhai)

WRATH – (Gusso)

LUST – (Vishya vasna)

GREED – (Lobh)

HATRED – (Dhikar)

GRUDGE – (Ver)

DECEIT – (Thagai)


It is in the month of Dae that Asho Zarathushtra Sahib finished His earthly mission and ascended back to the spiritual world. On Khorshed Roj we should think about Him and say a prayer thanking Him for having come and taught us the laws of nature and why we are in this world and how to live our lives correctly.

This is the month when devotees perform Jashan Ceremonies in their homes, offices and in Agiaries. The Jashans are for thanksgiving and asking Ahura Mazda for His continued Blessings.

The Baaj of Homaaji, the innocent weaver of Bharuch who was wrongfully consigned to the gallows also falls this month.

Some Agiaries have their Salgrehs during this holy month.

Mazgaon Batliwala Anjuman Agiari – Roj Hormuzd.

Tarapore Dadgah – Roj Ardibehest.

Igatpuri Agiary – Roj Asfandard.

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    Very FEW JASHANS happening in our community during DEH MAH; post COVID – 19. That is understood; but now this (aapri!) community in MUMBAI CITY & {even} GUJARAT [Udvada, Navsari, & Surat] must “SET THE BALL ROLLING” & organise as many ‘KRIYAS’ during the Important MAH that is DAE■DADAR, after taking into account the ABOVE ARTICLE by CHOTHIA●SAHEB. Thank u very much fellow HUMDINS. Myself, Peshotan Mehta from MUMBAI. Mobile # 8291819366.

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