Mickey Mehta in UAE

Mickey Mehta plans to launch region’s first 360° Wellness Center in UAE

As a first step towards tapping the vast potential that exists in the Middle East, Mickey Mehta, the pioneer in the field of Holistic Health and Total Wellness and the pioneer of ‘Equipment-free Gyms’ in India, visited Dubai to promote his brand and explore the possibility of setting up the first Mickey Mehta’s 360° Wellness Center in Dubai with the aim of offering total wellness services – end-to-end solutions which include breathing, meditation, ayurvedic health solutions and ‘Equipment-free gyms’.

During his visit, Mickey Mehta, who is also a Life Coach to top billionaires of India and Bollywood stars, met very senior corporate honchos, HNWI’s, prospective investors and members of the Dubai-based expatriate community and well-wishers, as a part of efforts to promote his life transforming wellness services and create a footprint of this concept in this region.

A very special event addressing the Parsi diaspora through the World Zorastrian Chamber of Commerce, Dubai Chapter (WZCC) was organized courtesy of Mr. Rumi Sarkari, Dubai Chapter Chair and Regional Director for the Middle East.

Mr Sarkari, said: ‘The event for Mickey Mehta was a huge success within our WZCC-ME community members and their respective guests. The audience was very much in tune with what Mickey had to offer and his vast knowledge and command on the subject had everyone’s attention. One can always judge the success of an event, when the speaker is inundated with questions and suggestions to come forth and open up in Dubai. Such was the response that I am sure it has lifted the spirits of Mickey and his team to come back and look at venturing into Dubai and beyond’.

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