Atashkadeh in North America

Atashkadeh in North America – Paper published by North American Mobeds Council (May 2012)

At the request of many FEZANA Associations, NAMC have been working on a paper: Atashkadeh in North America – which gives guidelines for constructing an Atashkadeh (Dar-e-Maher, Agiary, etc.) in North America. NAMC have spent a number of hours with the help of a number of NAMC Mobeds and with the guidance from a number of Dasturjis and Scholars to come up with a Paper for this very important subject for all of us in North America.


On behalf of our esteemed President Ervad Kobad Zarolia and all his NAMC Executives, it is our distinct pleasure to share this attached paper with you all! We hope that this paper will be a good guideline to all of us in North America for our existing as well as future Atashkadehs.


We will be very much interested in getting your thoughts and feedback on this paper.


May the Flame of Fellowship, Love, Charity and Tolerance burn ever eternal in our hearts so we can do HIS work with with humility, tolerance, diligence and eternal enthusiasm!

Atha Jamyaat, Yatha Aafrinaamahi! (May it be so as we wish!)


On Behalf of the entire NAMC Mobeds,

Love and Tandoorasti, Soli

Atashkadeh Final – May 2012

One comment

  • To establish the Atash Kadeh is one of the holiest of holy services offered to the Zoroastrians, who only follow the teachings of Spitam Zarathustra. But, is it feasible in Western countries, where laws are totally different from ours ? Do they give permission to build -up well for drawing, flowing water which is essential for our daily course of work. Tap water and re-cycle water is not permitted according to precepts. And also, would they be allowed to burn dry ‘Kathis’ ?

    2. Where would they get Varasyaji Sahib for ‘Nirang’ purpose and performing Navjot/ marriage ceremonies and other religious ceremonies ?

    3. Would local fire stations render special permission to Zoroastrians, over there , to preserve our holly fire which has to burn continuously through -out the day and night ?

    4. Who would uphold the Zoroastrian faith & the responsibility to prevent non-zoroastrians or, otherwise, from entering in to the Fire temple, in a foreign land ?

    5. Since, there are no Dokhmas which is the only permitted method for the disposal of dead bodies according to the precepts of Zarathustra’s teachings; all dead ceremonies are bound to be nullified, if perform over the dead bodies like ‘Aaram Gah’, burial, cremate, etc. Have the priests contemplated over this burning issue of the community ?

    Refer the blog :

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