Zoroastrian Girl Tops All India IATA Exams

From a very young age Benafsha Rabbani loved to travel and see different places.  She was absolutely certain that when she grew up she wanted to do something in the travel industry.  Keeping this in mind although she studied to graduate – like most youngsters do – alongside she also studied for her IATA exams.

In September 2010 she passed with distinction her IATA/UFTAA Foundation and EBT Course for which she got a commendation letter from IATA – as the “Best performance in your market for the September 2010 exam”.

In March 2012 she successfully completed her IATA Stepping into Management Course –with Distinction again – and IATA have acknowledged her as “the Student with best performance in your Country” for this exam.

In June she further completed 10 modules of Harvard ManageMentor securing the IATA-Harvard Diploma in Leadership and Management with speciality in Travel and Tourism.

Benafsha currently assists her Dad at his travel agency and no doubt is a bonus to his business.  She has made her parents Shahbehram and Ruxana very proud.  Her cousins and friends too are very proud of her achievements and the whole family wishes her the very best in her future.  May Ahura Mazda be with her and guide her in her quest to doing better in the field she has chosen to be.


  • Congratulatons! Benafsha May you scale more heights in life.

  • Aflatoon Marzbani

    Congratulations on your achievements!
    All the very best in future endeavours.
    Aflatoon Uncle & Mona Aunty

  • Wishing u all the best BETA. Good work. We all proud of u.

  • بنفشه خانم شما مایه سر افرازی و شادی ما ایرانیان و همه پارسی زبانان هستید.
    اهورامزدا یار و یاور شما باد
    جاوید ایران زمین

  • Heartiest Congratulations to Binafsha .
    Wish you greater success in all your future endeavours .
    Asha & Nitin

  • hi Benafsha ! Congrtas on ur performance, hoping to get discounted tickets from u…….lol farida aunty

  • Shahnaz Tarapore

    Congratulations Benaf .. you make the Rabbani family proud of your achievements. May you achieve greater success in your future and may Ahura Mazda’s blessings always be with you. Shahnaz Fui, Adil Fua and all at home.

  • benuuuu proud of you:))))….congratulations!!!!

  • Armaity Rabbani

    Hi Benafsha, know your dad and thats good enough. Congratulate on your success and wish you always the very best. Keep it up and God Bless from a very far family connection

  • Thank you to everyone for all the good wishes and blessings. 🙂

  • Hi Benafsha, congratulations for achievement…
    wish you all the best for future assignments…
    keep it up.
    Chandrashekhar & Mamta Garge

  • Congratulations, I am a friend of Dilnawaz who has sent me this forward. Just think that the sky is the limit for you.
    So fly.. high .. in the sky

  • armaity mubarakai

    Great job, a huge achievement. You made yourself and your parents proud. Keep it up. Congratulations!

  • I also gave the IATA foundation exam in Dec2011, and by Gods grace i also passed with distinction and have recieved the BEST PERFORMANCE RECOGNITION letter from IATA HEAD OFFICE,CANADA. It feels really good. Congratulations to u too on all your success

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