Stem Cells and the Parsi Viewpoint ?

Natasha Sarkar writes :

I am a humanities researcher, currently attached to theNational University of Singapore. For the next couple of weeks, I shall be inMumbai for procuring material for the ‘Asian Biopoleis’ conference which isscheduled for late July.

Ethical considerations about research and treatment usinghuman embryonic stem cells has attracted much attention. As such, I hope tounearth the response of the Zoroastrian community to the same. I couldn’t thinkof a better place to begin my research than the Bombay Parsi Panchayat.

I would be grateful if you could help me with the following:

1.      Sources for material about stem cells and theZoroastrian viewpoint

2.      Names and contact details (phone numbers/emailIDs/addresses) of Parsi doctors and scientists/researchers

3.      Names and contact details of Parsi doctors whorun IVF clinics

4.      List of Parsi hospitals in India that mightoffer IVF treatment (A general listing of the hospitals would also do)

5.      Where might I find archived copies (from theyear 2000 onwards)of the ‘Jam-e-Jamshed’, ‘Parsiana’, ‘The Parsi Voice’/’ParsiPukar’, ‘Dini-Avaz’?

6.      Are there any libraries/institutions that mighthouse related and useful publications?

Any assistance you can offer will be very useful to theproject.

Thank you so much!


Natasha Sarkar

National University of Singapore


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