The Zoroastrian Return to Roots Programme

Dear Friends,

UNESCO Parzor announces an important new project, “The Zoroastrian Return to Roots Programme”which we hope to launch at the NAZC, August 2012 at New York, for the benefit of Zoroastrian Youth and all those interested in learning about Zoroastrian Culture and heritage across the world.
We invite those of you who have been working academically in intercultural studies, particularly on Zoroastrianism or would like to know about Zoroastrianism and minority cultural identity in India, to read our ‘Return to Roots’ Programme document, which is attached herewith.
This programme has been made basically for all those, Zoroastrians and others interested in exploring human history and tracing its development through a Bronze Age community which has realized that tradition is perhaps the new post modern.
We welcome your response and invite you to join us in this exciting adventure which combines past, present and your future.
With warm regards,
Dr. Shernaz Cama
UNESCO Parzor Project
Parzor Foundation

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