Ghambar: Parsi-style Thanksgiving

For most of you who don’t know, if you see lots of Zoroastriansassembled together to share a meal and smell papeta ma gosht and dhansak chawal (traditional Parsi delcacies) being served, then it is safe to assume that you’re at aghambar. Among sounds of heavy, melodious laughter, you’ll hear an occasional “thoru aur nakho”, a Parsi dialogue instructing the waiter to pile on some extra rice and be generous with the dhansak serving.

The Zoroastrian year has six seasons and there is a ghambar for each season. However, the summer ghambar in the month of Dae is, perhaps, the most commonly celebrated one. As per custom, each Parsi residential compound in Karachi holds its own ghambar and extends the invite to residents of other Parsi compounds. The festivity commences with prayers or a jashan, led by priests, held earlier in the evening and is later followed by a three-course meal.

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