Parsiana – The Movie

The Parsis are probably as old as the Mughals in India. But the poor importance they received doesnt really spell popularity! This documentary is not only a tribute to the Zoroastrians but an attempt at making the deserving culture more known, more celebrated in India. Lets know Parsis not just for their great food but also their eccentricities. Lets recognize not just their jolly, misrepresentation of bad Hindi but also their peculiar individuality!

This is my humble attempt to make the Zoroastrian world known for what it really is. Because with the ways attitude of the Parsis is India, they deserve to be more than just caricatures in Indian cinema.

Hope you enjoy it!

Vinit Mehta

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  • I wish to correct :
    Zoroastrians worship Ahuramazda and respect Light (fire) and water
    infact Zoroastrians pray in front of Light , and have never been a fire worshipper. Thanks

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