Ramiyar Karanjia Updates

This is to inform you about the new content added on the website www.ramiyarkaranjia.in.

There’s the usual updating of TMY (Tell Me Why) column from Jame Jamshed.

ZOROPEDIA is also shaping well. It now has almost 50 entries. It covers some of the Yazads and Ameshaspands. Very shortly I hope to make it the place where most things pertaining to the Zoroastrian religion, Iranian history or Iranian languages can be found.

Also check the Courses section in the General category since one more session is added to Yashts.

With the upcoming Muktad, Pateti and Navroz (Parsi New Year) we have new sections  about celebrating Muktad in the house and the significance of Pateti and Navroz.

Also don’t miss the article on Happiness Habit in the section on Archives > My articles

Wish you all a very happy, healthy, peaceful, purposeful and satisfying Yazdezardi 1382…. in advance.


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