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C/o. Mrs. Zareen Jimmy Engineer 623, Marker Mansion, Lady Jehangir Road, Parsi Colony, Dadar, Mumbai – 400 014.

Our Fund was established in 1969, has made steady progress. Our financial year ended 31-3-2012.(Includes Katpitia Trust Figures) Educational Aid Disbursed was Rs. 20,71,000/- to 662 Students. (Last year Rs.19,42,050/- to 643 Students) who are poor and deserving boys and girls of the Parsi community from Mumbai, Surat, Navsari, Pune and other parts of India.

Our establishment expenses are kept to the bare minimum of Rs. 32,258/- (Last year Rs. 22,055/-) for inevitable expenses which works out to 0.01% (Last year 0.98%) of our total income of Rs.29,79,284/- (Last year Rs. 24,22,528/-). Our Fund has received Corpus Donation of Rs. 34.01 lakhs in 2011-2012 compared to last year Rs. 13.69 lakhs. This Corpus Donation is invested in approved securities and only the income derived from such investments are to utilized for giving Education Aid.

On our Investment of Rs.1,73,52,355/- interest received was Rs. 29,79,284/- Last year on investment of Rs. 1,41,14,178/- interest received was Rs. 24,22,528/-.

We firmly believe that educating our young people is the most essential factor in the progress of our community. We, therefore, count upon our generous donors to give us substantial general or corpus donations that will enable us to grant maximum amount of Educational Aid to poor and deserving students to meet the ever increasing cost of education.

Kindly draw your cheques in favour of Mancherji Joshi Memorial Education Fund & forward them to the above address. All donations will be promptly acknowledged.

Mrs. Zareen J. Engineer Grand daughter of the Late Mancherji Joshi, Founder of Parsi Colony, Dadar.

Ms. Katy R. Bharucha Barrister-at-Law,

Trustees and Jt. Hon. Secretaries

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  • Mehernosh Fitter

    Let us have the Names,addresses,telephone numbers,E-mails of all the students who have received the said donations.
    Mehernosh Fitter.Dadar Parsi Colony.

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