ZOSTA Annual Awards Function

ZOSTA Annual Awards Function

Venue: Albless Baug- Date: Saturday, 2nd February 2013


a) Students who have appeared for the following examinations held In February / March /April / May 2012 and obtained marks as under

1) S.S.C …………………………. 80% and above

ii) I.C.S.E./C.B.S E……………. 80% and above

iii) H.S.C. –Arts………………… 70% and above

iv) H.S .C. – Science ………….. 75% and above

v) H.S.C. –Commerce…………. 75% and above

vi) T.Y.B.A. ……………………….65% and above

vii) T.Y.B Sc……………………… 70% and above

viii) T.Y.B.Com………………….. 70% and above

The Awards / Prizes in each of the above eight (8) categories are as under :

1 st Prize –Rs.25,000, 2nd Prize – Rs.15,000, 3rd Prize – Rs.10,000. Every other eligible awardee — Rs. 2,000

ALSO (i) Gold Medals to the toppers of S.S.C./I.C.S.E./C.B S.E./H.S.C. will be awarded by ZARIR BHATHENA in memory of his parents

(ii) Cash prizes to Graduates– B.A., B.Sc., B.Com., will be awarded by HOMI RANINA.

b) Students who have appeared in H.S.C. (Science) examinations held in the year 2012 and have secured admission (on merits only) in the First Year of any Medical College in India (Degree Course), and are not eligible for JIMI N. KATHAWALLA MEMORIAL AWARDS

c) Students who have appeared for H.S.C. (Science) examinations held in the year 2012 and have secured admission (on Merits only) in First Year of any Engineering College in India (Degree), and are not eligible for the JIMI N. KATHAWALIAMEMORIAL AWARDS,

d) Students who have appeared for examinations held in India in February/March/April/May 2012 for any other Bachelors Degree (except LL.B.) and have obtained 65% and above.

e) Students who have appeared for LL.B. Degree examinations held in India in April/May 2012 and have obtained 60% and above,

f)  Students who have appeared for Post-Graduate Degree (not Diploma) examinations held in India in February/ March / Apnl / May 2012 in any academic course of study and have secured a First Class.

g) Students who have been honoured with Doctorate (Ph.D.) in any field from a recognized University in India in the year 2012.

h) Students who have appeared for Solicitors / I.C.W.A. / C.S. final examinations conducted by the Bombay Incorporated Law Society / The Institute of Cost & Works Accountants of India/The Institute of Company Secretaries of India, in the year 2012 end have obtained 60 % and above in the Solicitors Examination and 55% and above in I.C.W.A. / C.S. Examinations.

i) Students who have appeared for C.A. (final) examination held in India in the year 2012 and have cleared the said examination

j) Students having any handicap/disability and have successfully cleared in the year 2012, any of the exams set out in clauses (a) to (i) above irrespective of the percentages mentioned in the said clauses.

Note.: i) Students applying for all the above categories (except (h), (i) and (j)) should have cleared the examination in the first attempt only

ii) Students who have appeared for Diploma examinations, need not apply .

iii) All eligible awardees (students) should submit their Bio-data, photostat copies of relevant mark sheets attested by the Principal in duplicate, along with the application.

iv) Students applying under category (j) should in addition to the documents set out in clause (iii) above, also submit a medical certificate giving complete details of the handicap / disability suffered by such student. The medical certificate has to be of a registered medical practitioner who is an expert in the field of the handicap / disability suffered by such student

v) the sponsors of the Navaz Jimi Kathawalla Memorial Award / Prizes at their sole discretion, may increase any of the Cash Prizes set out in clause (a) above in suitable / exceptional cases.

k) Teachers and Pnricipals who have complied with the following eligibility criteria:

i) Who have in May 2012 completed 15 yrs / 25 yrs / 35 yrs of full time active teaching service only,

ii) the period of service should be after completion of formal and recognized training;

iii) Teachers / Principals who have received an Award from ZOSTA in the above categories of 15 yrs/ 25 yrs / 35 yrs are not eligible for the same category again:

iv) Superannuated Teachers / Principals must apply within one year of retirement only;

l) Teachers who have given outstanding service of training / imparting knowledge to students pertaining to Parsi / Zoroastrian religion/ faith, and who have not been felicitated earlier by ZOS TA.

NOTE : – Teachers / Principals applying under clauses (k) & (l) above should enclose a certificate issued by the Principal / Management of the institution, verifying the contents of the Application.

m)Teachers / Principals who in the year 2012, are recipients of any state / national award in the field of teaching

NOTE : The recipients of the awards / prizes shall remain present at the venue latest by 5.00 pm and have their names registered. Any recipient who fails to remain present at the said function will  be able to collect his / her award/ prize only in the function that will be held in the following year on presentation of a photostat copy  of the Application along with its Annexures submitted earlier, to ZOSTA

All applications must be complete in ALL respects and along with all relevant documents (IN DUPLICATE ) must be dropped / couriered / mailed to the designated ZOSTA BOX placed at the Jam-e- Jamshed Publications Office between between 11.00 am and 4.3o pm only at Jame Jamshed Communications Pvt. Ltd.. Hasan Ail House, Room No. 33, 1st Floor, 23-33 ,Jeejeebhoy Dadabhai Lane, Fort, Mumbai 1. Please note that if any application is incomplete in any respect, that application will be considered invalid and will not be considered for any award.  All applications are to be dropped / couriered / mailed to the above mentioned ZOSTA Box. NO QUERIES OF ANY SORT WILL BE ENTERTAINED/ ANSWERED.

Kindly ensure that the application is put in a sealed envelope with the category for which application is being made, written clearly on the envelope.



  • Mrs. Khursheed N. Dumasia

    Dear Sir/Ma’am,
    I have applied for the ZOSTA AWARDS for teacher’s catagory which is to be held on 2nd. February 2013. I am staying in Sharjah and I had couriered all the required documents. I haven’t received any letter or any other information regarding the same after this so I would like if you could help me out as to passing on information to me on my e-mail Id ( dumasiak@yahoo.com ) regaring the Award. I will be highly oblidged.

  • Mrs. Khursheed N. Dumasia

    Dear Ma’am/Sir,
    Please can you get back to me so that I can book my ticket as soon as possible.
    Thanking You,

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