Times Scholars

‘Times Scholars’ is an initiative to recognize and reward the brightestyoung minds in the country.


We invite class 12th students from all over the country to apply for the programme by filling out a simple form on our website. The students will be shortlisted based on information given by them in the form, and the shortlisted candidates will go through the next levels of testing. We have experts supporting us in the initiative who will help us choose the top 20 Times Scholars on the basis of qualities like reasoning ability, aptitude, knowledge, future vision etc.

We will then undertake the task of providing the best of guidance and mentorship to these scholars in their fields of interest, enabling them understand and adopt a thinking-reasoning model of learning that will help them excel in whatever career option they choose for themselves. We will also be giving each of them cash scholarships worth Rs. 5 Lakh, over a period of 4 years of their graduation.

We hope and believe that these young scholars we are equipping today will be the ones making the history of India tomorrow.

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  • scholarship should be given to the poor parsi people not the bright instead it should be divided between poor parsi not bright students they can get scholarship also from colleges poor cannot

  • d above expressed idea to give special assistance 2 parsi students is totally absurd, helping poor students is justified but i don’t get the need to help parsi students in particular.

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