ZAF initiates North American Navar, Martab, Mobedyar Scholarship

Zoroastrian Association of Florida (ZAF), a FEZANA Member, started a new Charity Committee under the progressive Chairmanship of our own Behli Hansotia. The Committee was entrusted to come up with a budget for donating to Zoroastrian and non-Zoroastrian causes for all over the world with an emphasis to our own North American (NA) causes. The committee was fully supported by our ZAF Board and the whole ZAF Membership.
One of the areas for donation was recognized as our own Mobeds to be in NA as well as in India/Pakistan. In that respect, we have sponsored the Navar of Ervad Zubin Pochkhanavala, son of Kashmira and Sarosh Pochkhanavala of Poone at the Cama Baug Adariyan in Mumbai on May 24th 2011. We are actively pursuing another Navar sponsor in India for this year.
During their deliberations, the Charity Committee recognized the need for a scholarship to recognize any NA young person who completes Navar, Martab or Mobedyar ordainments and so at its suggestion, ZAF Board has approved a modest sum of $1,002. for two such persons at $501. each.
This may be the first time a small FEZANA Association has started such a noble initiative and is quite commendable.
For the proper management of this Scholarship, our ZAF Board decided to request the help of North American Mobed Council (NAMC) to properly award these scholarships. Hence, under the able leadership of our President Jahanbux Daruwala, ZAF Board members present at the NAZC in Rye last month met with Ervad Kobad Zarolia, NAMC President, and requested NAMC help which Kobad overwhelmingly accepted with gratitude.Accordingly, our ZAF Treasurer Mina Dubash sent a check to NAMC for $1,002. which was accepted by Kobad with much appreciation.
As a ZAF Board Member and an NAMC Mobed, I congratulate ZAF for such a wonderful initiative and hope that other FEZANA Associations take up such a noble cause!
Love and Tandoorasti, Soli, on behalf of the ZAF Board

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