Burjor Patel at 82

Burjor Patel resurfaced in viewer consciousness when an endearing telecom ad featuring a young boy and an avuncular old man who talked through his

eyes and the body language of an acting maestro hit television screens. Was it the same man whose plays we watched with such relish three, even four decades ago?
A telephone call confirmed that it was. One remembers him as having migrated to the Middle East in the 1980s. When did he get back, what was his current occupation, what did he think of his beloved city to which he has returned, and the theatre scene, of which he had been such a powerful influence?
Wading through the misty passage of a quarter century gone by during a recent meeting at the Cricket Club of India, Patel was sometimes wistful, but not overly sentimental. His rich baritone is still intact. Strong Parsi genes and a zest for life have kept him sprightly and mentally alert even at 82.

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