Guidelines for use of material from the United Nations

Guidelines for use of material from the United Nations (in print, electronic or on website)

Use of NGO Relations’ Content

The following guidelines are for the external use of NGO Relations content:

•No material produced by NGO Relations is to be sold, used for outside advertising or promotional purposes of any kind.
•All content taken from the NGO Relations website/social media platforms and republished must be clearly credited or sourced to UN DPI/NGO Relations.
•Photos, videos and articles may be released under the legally recognized terms of “Fair Use” to members of the press, academia, non-profits and the general public.
•No material is to be used in programs, articles or online publications of any kind that defame the UN, its member states, or the NGO Relation Section.
•Material is provided, free of charge, for use in objective and balanced content, even if at times the end products may be critical of the UN.
•NGO Relations reserves the right to request the removal of UN Copyrighted material from any externally created content.
Courtesy : Behram Pastakia


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