Zarathushtis Step up to Help the Homeless

Zarathushtis Step up to Help the Homeless

The children of ZAMWI’s Avesta class and their parents are spearheading a drive to help the homeless in the nation’s capital with a walk scheduled for 4th November 2012. Zarathushtis  are invited to join in this drive by becoming virtual walkers. For registration  of $35/- per virtual walker, Fannie Mae will provide a matching gift for “Bethesda Cares”.

Zoroastrians are known for their generosity and understand the importance of helping the less fortunate.  I know that we all give to organizations like the Cancer Society, because we can relate to this illness.  We all know someone or know of someone who has to fight this disease, but Homelessness is not something we can see or to which we can relate.  We at Bethesda Cares, not only work to help the homeless, but in the last few years have helped people from becoming homeless.  Single parents who cannot pay the rent as they have to pay medical bills for a child, families that cannot pay their utilities, all these people are assisted so as not to make them homeless.

Please open your hearts and give to this great cause and help us reach our goal. Click on the link below to register before November 4th.

Thank you,

Behnaz Mistry

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  • Dear Behnaz:

    I tried few times to post my comment on your post on HOMELESSNESS. However, I was not able to do that as my server could not find the web-page.
    So I am writing to you directly and you can post my comments.

    Dear Behnaz:

    I am very glad to read that you and Parsis in your city are supporting the cause on HOMELESSNESS in North America. Many men are made each year homeless and penniless by their wives in North America. The divorce laws are very out-dated and women are favoured in the Family courts, where they lie and use dishonest means to get money.

    I have been made homeless and penniless by my ex-wife Rati nee Bamji of Bandra, and her male married friend Captain Pesi/Percy Shroff of Ottawa, Ontario by very dishonest means, and using corrupt lawyers. My story is on my web-sites: and
    Also I have written a small book about my scenario in a small book “LEGAL SLAVERY DIVINE JUSTICE”.

    I am forced to live alone under appalling conditions in a wooden shack in rural Nova Scotia, and I grow all my vegetables and few berries for food to survive. All my human necessities have been denied as I have been made to pay alimony to my ex-wife who is a millionaire, and has 2 properties in Mumbai, India. Her male friend is also very rich man with shopping centres in Ottawa, Montreal and Texas where his daughter lives. My ex-wife also has first cousin’s Sharu Buhariwala in Nova Scotia, and Jimmy Kumana in Huston,Texas and they also are very very rich. I need help to get out my poverty soon as I have suffered for the past 16 years, and if not I may die soon.

    If you or readers have any questions please write to me on my email address with heading “Homelessness”, as if the mail goes to scam folder I can read it without deleting. Thank you.

    Yours truly,

    Aspi Maneckjee.

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