My Success Story – RUSSI J PATEL

Russi J Patel is a Chartered Accountant, operating out of Dubai and one of the Founder-Directors of WZCC Dubai.  Here is his very inspirational success story. Click Here to read.

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My continuous commitment and significant contribution to the development and promotion of BDO’s presence around the world and in the Middle East region led to my being awarded the BDO medal in October 1993. My towering credentials do not end at this. I am also qualified and licensed to practice public accountancy in the State of Texas, USA. I am also a certified member of the Institute of Financial Consultants, a recognized member of the Institute of Management Accountants, the Offshore Institute and International Tax Planning Association.- Add to that I am the Founder Member and Chairman for more than one period of office of the Dubai Chapter of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and author of the publications “Investment and tax incentives for non-resident Indians” and “Strategic Planning for doing Business in the United Arab Emirates”.


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