A Film “Afterglow”

Hi guys!

I did a short, 15-minute film for a student director from the FTII Institute, India, a while ago.  (Free of charge, of course!).  This was his graduation project. It has been doing the rounds of both national and international film festivals, and is doing quite well.  So far we won 3rd place at the London Film Festival, and the ‘best picture’ at the recent Calcutta Festival.

My friend Anahita and I both play very middle-class Parsis (complete with accents and mannerisms) in what I think is a touching piece: do find the time to watch it!  All you have to do is click on the link below and enter in the password.

Much love….Sohrab Ardeshir

  http://vimeo.com/37197464    password: after11glow
Courtesy : Jimmy

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  • Considering this was directed by a non-parsi, sir you were amazing in capturing the essance of it all.
    The performances of both Mehroo and Minocher was superb, along with the undesirable condolence visitors.
    It brought tears to my eyes, I don’t shed them easily …… well that says it all.
    I loved it ……. all involved did a great great job.
    Mehroo you were just excellent.

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