Zarathushtra laughed at birth

Protecting Zarathushtra from the forces of evil.

To protect Zarathushtra from the forces of evil, Ahura Mazda sent Vohuman =Good Thought, one of the Immortals, to his help. Vohuman entered inside Zarathushtra’s soul, and Zarathushtra laughed, since Vohuman is a Holy Immortal spirit that gives joy and pleasure. Sitting next to Zarathushtra were several Karpans False Priests who by virtue of the bright light illuminating Zarathushtra’s dwelling saw Zarathushtra laughed, which was in contradiction to the custom of the rest of mankind, who cry when being born, and this horrified them at what they saw.
With his birth at the same time, the world rejoiced –cf Fravardian Yasht, and Zarathushtra accepted the faith from Ahura Mazda, and when he started to speak, he proclaimed the text that was to become “Ahunaver”, the major Zoroastrian prayer. On the next day Pouruaspa saw the Karpans, false priests, and asked them: By what reason do the infants cry at birth, and by what reason my son Zarathushtra laughed? And they answered: Those who cry, see their deaths as completion of their lives, while Zarathushtra who laughed, saw his own righteousness. Cf Pahlavi Texts, Part V – SBE, Vol. XLVII, 1897.

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