Doa-E- Tandroasti….. the Zoroastrian Prayer

Dua Tandarosti / Duva Tandarosti


Here is a full version of the popular prayer Doa-E- Tandroasti as recited by our Shenshai Dastoor in San Jose, California. Whereas the earlier version was “Private Circulation” this one is set for “Public viewing”

The earlier You Tube version which even though had the first two lines of the prayer blanked out by the title frame, proved very popular as more than 7,000 Zarathushtis World Wide had listened to it in the 12 months from the time it was first privately released. It is interesting to note that hits came from several countries including South American & New Zealand.

Top Playback locations were:

You Tube watch page 79.5 %
Mobile Devices 14.9%
Embedded players on other Websites 5.6%

May I request you to let your readers know of the availability of this Prayer :-

Courtesy : Rusi Sorabji

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