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31 December 2012
Dear NGO Colleagues,
As we end the Year 2012, let me take this opportunity to express my very best wishes and gratitude to all of the NGOs around the world for their monumental cooperation and I look forward to our continuing fruitful, productive partnership in the New Year.

We have a challenging year ahead!

At the beginning of the New Year, the Secretary-General will outline his priorities for 2013, which we will disseminate to all of you. The challenges faced by the international community can only be successfully addressed through solid cooperation and partnership, and I call on NGOs to make their views and voices heard about the United Nations’ wide-ranging agenda through proper channels. I would like to remind you of civil society’s valued contributions to bringing a number of priorities in the past to the forefront of global debates.

Although there was disappointment at not having held this year an Annual UN DPI/NGO Conference for the first time in its 64-year history, it allowed time for reflection on the Conference, its periodicity, its core funding, as well as the question of rotating the annual meeting between UN headquarters and various regional capitals depending on the interest and commitment of Member States. There has been a record number of Member States, including Brazil, Canada, Cuba, Hungary, Ireland, Qatar, Republic of Korea, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Turkey and Ukraine, that expressed interest in hosting the next Conference, but there has not been a firm commitment from any Government. DPI looks forward to a commitment by a Member State.

As we begin 2013, I will only touch on two of our latest, proud achievements: a.)
the redesign of our website ( The section continues expanding its social media strategy and providing skills enhancement through its Communications Workshops to allow the NGOs to familiarize themselves with our website as a new communication tool as well as the social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter and a blog titled NGO VOICES that are aimed at encouraging intergenerational dialogue among members of the NGO community; and b.) out intensifying efforts to attract younger NGO representatives to the work of the DPI/NGO community as drivers of the UN’s social and political change. Currently, about 50 NGO youth representatives are actively participating in person or via Skype in monthly meetings facilitated by the NGO Relations.

We will continue facilitating in building greater dialogue between the Secretary-
General and the NGO community by hosting another interactive meeting with the Secretary-General during 2013 to discuss priorities and issues of mutual concern.

We are also hoping to increase efforts to mobilize NGOs from developing countries and reach out to civil society partners around the world, through local UNIC/UNIS offices, in order to enhance their interaction with and understanding of the work of the United Nations. Reaching out to new communities has indeed created greater diversity within our community and opportunities for reaching out to new grassroots organizations especially in developing countries.

NGO Relations looks forward to maintaining the unending solid partnership with NGO/DPI Executive Committee and invites all NGOs to be in touch with this body.

We are extremely grateful to all of your for all your hard work and contributions on the challenges ahead and how the United Nations can strengthen its partnership with
this key stakeholder group. The dialogue between NGO Relations and the NGO community is essential to ensuring that your voices are heard within the United Nations.

I would like to conclude my message by expressing my deep gratitude to the “older/seasoned generation” for giving, advising and guiding the “new generation” with
your example of a commitment to a lifelong dedication to the UN Charter and its principles that are needed as we face the new challenges ahead.

Your contribution to the UN has been guidance for the new generation to continue the commitment to the UN!

Best wishes from all of us in NGO Relations to you and your families for a Prosperous and Healthy 2013!

I hope that 2013 will be another year of strong and productive collaboration in support of the United Nations’ work for a better world.

Working Together: Making a difference!

Maria Luisa Chávez
NGO Relations
Department of Public Information


Courtesy : Behram Pastakia

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  • I am Mr Priti sarman Director of UN NGO/DPI Association of World Citizens in Bangladesh Branch and Honorary Member of International
    Development Committee FOWPAL and had congratulated as a global
    leader on world summit on Human Rifhts on 2010 at Boon in German by UN NGO / DPI FOWPAL. I am deeply impressed to join your coming conference to introduce with the global leaders through
    the attending the conference in coming future.So in clude my name
    and organization to involve with your coming activities.
    With thanking
    Priti sarman
    Director of Association of World Citizens in Bangladesh Branch.
    Honorary Member of International Development committee FOWPAL
    Dhaka. Bangladesh.

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