Parsis struggle to keep ‘Atash’ burning

Even as the population of the Parsi community is diminishing, in the Sangam city as well as across the country, the community of Tata’s, Godrej’s, Wadia’s, Bhabha’s, Maneckshaw’s, is struggling with the crunch of finding a ‘Mobed’ (Priest) to perform various rituals spanning from birth to death.

At this crucial juncture, the ‘Atash Behram’ or the holy flame at the fire temple is kept burning by the efforts of members of the community, just about 10 to 12 left in the city, who either place wooden logs in the fire themselves or arrange for a Para-Mobed (a make-shift priest to perform holy rituals along with daily routine). When there is just one priest in the entire state, that too quite elderly, technology comes to rescue in the form of audio CDs or Parsi people conducting the rituals on their own, especially in the last journey of life.

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  • Dasturji Framroze S Mirza

    It is very sad till our High priests & Trustees of various trust sleep is awakening and still this people are dreaming in their own fantasies. I would like to quote my own experience i.e. my practicing mobed from last from last 44 years started my career from Wadiaji Atashbehram when there were not less than 200 plus mobeds along with 18 panthakies & 6 boiwallas and now there are hardly 10 to 15 mobeds including boiwallas & Panthakies and I have personally suggested our BPP Chairman if you people want to see that Irani / Parsi Zoroastrians survives than it is your prime duty to take essential steps towards betterment of priestly class rather than accusing them and throwing them out from doongerwadi and fire temple which is their basic right & gods allotted duty to pray & practice in this places otherwise you people will be responsible for extinction of parsi community like vultures have extinct from doongerwadi and from some many years it is controversy. Wake up today or other we will be found only in Museums as an extinct tribe.

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