Tracing a Parsi great-uncle buried at Kohima WWII cemetery

A friend of mine, Raghu Karnad, has written an excellent essay on his experience recovering memories of WWII in Manipur, all while trying to trace any remaining information about his Parsi great-uncle, killed in action in Kohima in 1944 and buried here.

Lieutenant Godrej Khodadad Mugaseth

It has been published by the Financial Times:
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  • Very touching in deed . Diana

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  • AMARIA Lt. Col.(Retd.) BOMAN E.

    What a great pity. I wish I had known earlier. I would have gone and paid my and our Sappers personal respects not only to him but also to other brave local Nagas and Manipuris martyrs quite a few times as I was in command of a Company of Engineers in Manipur for nearly three years till the 1971 Indo-Pak War. The Nagas and the Manipuris are wonderful people but as things stood very unfortunate.

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