Parsis in Uganda

Here are three articles detailing the Parsis of Uganda by Jal F. Dastur / Piroj Amrolia


parsis in uganda


Jal f Dastur


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The Ratan Tata Few Know

Two months after he retired, Ratan Tata remains a personal enigma despite the millions of words written about him.

In this exclusive interview with‘s Vaihayasi Pande Daniel, architect Ratan Batliboi reveals Ratan Tata the caring, honest, funny, simple, man behind the legend.

Ratan Batliboi is a well-known architect who runs the Mumbai-based Ratan J Batliboi Consultants Private Ltd, one of India’s top architectural firms (the Bandra-Worli Sea link, beautification of Marine Drive).

Batliboi got to know Ratan Tata really well when he helped design Tata’s post-retirement home in Colaba, south Mumbai.

As he spent more and more time with Tata, who retired as chairman of the Tata group on December 28, Batliboi was bowled over by his charm, humility and honesty.

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Porus Vimadalal – Fashion Photographer

The Beginning I’ve been creative since childhood, I loved to sketch and paint for as long as I can remember. I decided to study Fashion Design after junior college having won a partial scholarship at Wigan & Leigh, Mumbai. After I graduated, my father who was an airline pilot, convinced me to acquire a Commercial Pilot License and I left for Dallas, Texas soon after. I bought a digicam there and would use my spare time taking pictures. After acquiring my license, I realized I didn’t see myself flying commercially. I then finally got my first DSLR and decided to go all out with it. I would style my friends, even do their make up and pose them for pictures. In 2011, I left for a one year diploma course in Photography at the Vancouver School of Media Arts. It was an amazing experience in every way, I started doing my own shoots during spare time and experimenting with various styles and techniques. It helped me grow as a person and develop my style as a photographer. In the process I got to work and shoot with some very talented models, make-up artists and stylists.

Born in Mumbai, Porus studied fashion design & later photography at The Vancouver Institute of Media Arts. A creative mind with an intriguing edge, his unique style blends exquisite lighting with dramatic juxtapositions effortlessly.

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Kusti Size Calculator

Approx Khushti (Kasti  Kushti) Size.. Hope it helps

Kusti Size Calculation

The waist size measurement is in inches


Courtesy : Zubin Phiroze Wadia








Er. Dr. Ramiyar P. Karanjia (Principal of the Dadar Athornan Madressa) has written an article in JAME JAMSHED.  He mentions that besides the 3 rounds of our waist, we should add an extra 10 inches to allow for :

  • Looseness around the waist,
  • The front and back knots,
  • The 2 Laris and
  • Shrinkage over a period of time, on account of regular washing.

So how long do you need to buy? The formula : [(Waist length in inches x 3) + 10] / 27  ………………..Firdosh Tolat

Banajee Home requires COO

M N Banajee Home for the Blind  requires Chief Operating Officer (COO) to head its activities at its Jogeshwari campus. The incumbent would need strong administrative skills, including overall supervision of accounts, legal and HR matters, and should have had at least 5 years’ experience in a Senior capacity in an NGO. Salary will not be a constraint for the right candidate.  Interested candidates advised to send CV to

For their website, please visit

Broadcast of UN DAY CONCERT – 23 February 2013

Dear NGO Colleagues,

The 2012 United Nations Day concert, featuring United Nations Messenger of Peace Stevie Wonder and guests, will be broadcast on the Centric television channel in the United States tomorrow, Saturday, 23 February 2013, at 9:00 p.m. ET. The concert will also be aired on Black Entertainment Television (BET) on Sunday, 3 March, at 11:00 a.m. ET

Featuring performances by Sting, Janelle Monáe, Wyclef Jean and more, the star-studded concert took place in the General Assembly Hall on Wednesday, 24 October 2012, in observance of the 67th anniversary of the establishment of the United Nations. 

Centric can be found on the following channels:

AT&T U-Verse: channel 515 
Cablevision: channel 185 
Charter: channel 120 
Comcast: channel 147 
Grand View: channel 356
RCN: channel 103 
Time Warner: channels 27, 111, 893 
Verizon FIOS promotion code: channel 220 

Yours Sincerely,

NGO Relations, DPI
United Nations

The Tashkent Zoroastrians

I met Rustam Abdukamilov this morning. He claims to be a Zoroastrian, a scholar of the Avesta book and language, and a teacher of Zoroastrian history in public schools around Tashkent.

Rustam claims there are 33 fire temples in and around Tashkent, most dating back to the 2nd century BC. We visited two: Ming Urik and Aktepa Yunus-Abad. Both mounds and dips of earth which some archeologists believe to be the sites of ancient Zoroastrian temples. During the journey to these sights, Rustam spoke at length about Ahura Mazda. The Avestan meanings, wisdom, creation, the universe, good versus evil, what it means to be a mazdayasni…. I asked him what he thought about Parsis not permitting conversions. He quoted from the Gathas of Zarathustra: Yasnas 30.2 and 45.1. I won’t paraphrase it here but it’s enough to say that in those passages (translated by C. Bartholomae), Zarathustra invites all people, men and women (narém, narem), from near and far, to come to him. Rustam put this question to me: Wasn’t King Vistasp a convert too? Didn’t the Zoroastrians of the ancient world belong to some other religion or cult before they became Zoroastrian?

Whether we consider them Zoroastrian or not is of no concern to them. What matters is that they feel wholly accepted by Ahura Mazda, the highest wisdom. Who cares what we think?

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Courtesy : Rusi Sorabji

Interview with Dr. Soroosh Sorooshian

Destiny is important but more important is to do what you love, how you learn from your juniors, Urban Water Research, Working with NASA (which bestowed him the highest civilian award to scientists) and much more…….

A great interview with Dr. Soroosh Sorooshian, Director, Center for Hydrometereology & Remote Sensing

Parsis expect 10% drop in numbers since 2001

First Published: 02:27 IST(21/2/2013)
Last Updated: 02:29 IST(21/2/2013)
Parsis expect 10% drop in numbers since 2001

The Parsi-Zoroastrian population in India continues to be on a steady decline, with officials from the community’s apex body in the city, Bombay Parsi Punchayet (BPP), anticipating a drop of 10% over a dec-ade after the 2001 census. As per the 2001 census, the total Parsi-Zoroastrian population in India was 69,601, with around 45,000 residing in Mumbai. The BPP is yet to tabulate figures from the 2011 census.

The strength of the community had dropped by about 10% over most decades since 1950, with an exception being the 1971-82 period where the drop was 20%. “The annual birth to death ratio indicates that the population must have dropped by about 10% this decade as well,” said a BPP official.

The average number of births in the city’s Parsi community was only 185 every year, while deaths recorded were about 800. “The fertility rate among the Parsis in India is 0.9, while the national average is 2.6,” said Zubin Shroff, a demographic researcher.

Also, while the BPP uses birth figures as recorded by the civic body, the death figures are based on the number of people consigned to the Tower of Silence. “About 3% of the population has been opting for cremation over last five years,” said the official.

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