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Admissions at M F Cama Athornan Institute


Admissions are invited at this prestigious Institute serving the Parsi Community for the last 90 years, for the academic year commencing from June 2013.

This institute gives full fledged Mobedi training along with academic education in Government recognized reputed schools from Std. I to S. S. C. TOTALLY FREE OF COST. Over and above this, Athornan boys are given the advantage of attractive Mobedi Schemes

Admissions are given in the following two categories:-

Category I Athornan boys in Std-I onwards are imparted complete Mobedi training culminating in their being ordained SAMPOORNA NAVAR AND MARATAB. They are also taught Iranian history and given Religious knowledge along with academic education upto S.S.C.

Category II Athornan boys who are ordained “Adhura Or Kaachaa” Navar are also given full fledged training of our Religious rites, rituals and ceremonies. This gives them added confidence to serve the community more effectively as per the “Tarikats” laid down in our Religion. This category has been specifically created keeping in mind the fact that now a days more and more boys are made to undergo the incomplete (Adhura) Navar ritual without knowing even the very basics or our Religious rituals and prayers.

In Category lI the age limit for admission will be decided on a case to case basis

Unique Features of this Institute

  • Apart from the fact that our Institute offers natural and sylvan peaceful surroundings, we are blessed by a Holy Dadgah Saheb on our premises, making the atmosphere all the more Religious and pure. This fully functional place of worship witnesses Boi ceremony in the Havan and Aivishruthrem Gahs as well as ceremonies like Afringan, Farokhshi, Satum, Jashan etc. on a regular basis. This is very beneficial to our boys who get a first hand thorough understanding of these ceremonies as well as the practical aspects of maintaining and cleaning the sanctum sanctorum etc.
  • We have a very senior and respected Mobed Saheb as our Bhantar Teacher in Erv. Farokhsha B. Turel who has devoted his entire life as a full time Yozdathregar Mobed. He has performed scores of Higher Liturgical Pav-Mahal ceremonies like the Nirangdin, Yazeshne, Vendidad and the Boi ceremonies of several Atash-Behram Sahebs in Surat and Murnbai. Our boys have benefited immensely by his instructions.
  • It s our fervent desire to see that maximum number of Athornan boys avail of these unique facilities offered by our Institute.

For Admission Forms and further details please contact: —

The principal, THE M. F. CAMA ATHORNAN INSTITUTE, 12, Cama Road, Andheri (West), Mumbai 400058 ,  • Tel No 022-26283154


Cama Building, First Floor, 24/26 Dalal St., Fort, Mumbai 400 023 • Tel No 022-22656348

Admission for Parsi Boys at Petit Technical High School at Pune

UCO BANK BLDG., 4th FLOOR, 355-359, DR. D.N. ROAD, FORT, MUMBAI-400 001.

The N. M. Petit Charity Fund operates the J. N. Petit Technical High School at Pune for the last 65 yrs. It is an English Medium Technical High School recognized by the Government. Education of the highest standards is imparted right from L. K. G. Section upto S. S. C. level.

A Boarding Section is operated exclusively for the Parsi boys in the School and serene climate of Pune. All requirements of the Boarders are met here, i.e. Boarding, Lodging, School Books, Uniforms, Bed – Linen, Sports Kit etc.

Our School consistently secures excellent academic results year after year and is also a leader in the Sports field thus ensuring an overall development of a child. Some of our School boys have participated in the Inter Division, Inter State and National Level Sports Events. Besides this all our students from Std. Ito the S. S. C. level are given competent knowledge in Computer Education, Drawing, Music, Elocution and Hindi / Marathi. From Stds. VIII to X two Technical subjects are taught compulsorily in addition lathe other academic subjects. We also have a Tutorial system to coach boys in the evening. We also have a Student Counsellor for all their special needs.

Hygienic, nutritious and well balanced Veg. and non-Veg. meals are offered to each and every Boarder keeping in mind the needs of a growing child. Boarders are encouraged and motivated to take part in extra-curricular activities, be it Sports, Martial Arts, Elocution, Music, Drawing, etc. Boys also take part in outstation community programmes / get togethers like the ZOCHILD meets and other sporting events. We also offer the very best in medical facilities. All the Boarders are offered free of cost treatment in the best hospital of Pune.

Parents who wish to keep their boys to be groomed as gentlemen who can excel in any field may collect the application forms from the above address and return them duly filled uptothe same address by 28th February 2013. Minimum age for admission to Lower K. G. is three and a half years as on 1st June in the yearof admission.

For any additional information please call: Telephone No. 022-22871720 Mumbai

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