Exploring Ancient Tracks of the Silk Road

Dear Hamdins,


An Archaeological Tour with volunteer participation in excavations of two sites on the Silk Road around Tadjikistan is being organized for expedition/excavation.

The program includes visits to the most outstanding archaeological and architectural monuments of this ancient land of the Zoroastrians, its museums, volunteer participation in excavations of the tremendous site of Hisorak in the mountains of Central Tajikistan, and the Ancient Panjakent, the best documented Sogdian city with famous wall-paintings, the trip to Yaghnob valley, where the language and elements of culture of pre-Islamic Central Asia survive, to the mountain lakes, and many more.

The minimal group are four people. The trip will take place on 01 – 22 July 2013. The basic price is 2500 US $ per person + air fare.

The detailed plan of the tour can be downloaded here: Click here


Interested knowledge seeking hamdins can avail of this opportunity.


Yazdaan Panaah Baad.


Rustom M Daboo

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