Zoroastrian Calendar ( Excel / VBA Automated) 1900-2100

An interesting Calendar in Excel format for Parsis overseas to get a quick and convenient download.

the Excel file ( Copyright VBA Program) does have pop comments to assist users and that should suffice, however I’d be happy to help users who have any questions..


Cyrus Sidhva
Auckland, New Zealand

Zoroastrian Calendar (1900-2100)


  • Ervad Aspi Keki Rao

    Fantastic and superb efforts done by a Zoroastrian by creating life tiume record for Zarthustis residing anywhere in the world. Millions of thanks and hoping to receive many more information on Zoroastrian works.

  • Thank you Cyrus for your effort. some feedback. I opened this today 22.2.13, but the date shown in excel is 18.2.13. Also, the today radio button is leading to the wrong month.

    • Dear Freddy, could you please send me more details to tomcatonnet99@hotmail.com, explaining this event further as I’m unable to replicate what you’ve mentioned .. ( how do you mean date shown in excel – which sheet pls) Also did check the date on your computer to be correct?

      thanks for your feedback and look forward to hearing from yourself

      further a latest update is on http://homepages.woosh.co.nz/cyrus_s/page2.html
      You might want to download it alternatively I could email you the same …

  • Freddy, furher to the above pls send me a snapshot / screen shot of the error ( i.e. if you’re able to replicate it for yet another date and I’ll be able to help you rectify any errors)


  • Great effort Cyrus,

    I was looking for doing something like this
    Enhancement suggestions:
    1) In today’s year calendar, mark out the milestone dates and description.. Need to see all anniversaries, and not only the milestones. Thus the overall calendar must show it.

    Currently I am using(manually) a notebook where all 365 days are written on each page.
    Below that the corresponding anniversary description and milestone event date.

    Please contact me: zarirdaru@yahoo.com


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