The Tashkent Zoroastrians

I met Rustam Abdukamilov this morning. He claims to be a Zoroastrian, a scholar of the Avesta book and language, and a teacher of Zoroastrian history in public schools around Tashkent.

Rustam claims there are 33 fire temples in and around Tashkent, most dating back to the 2nd century BC. We visited two: Ming Urik and Aktepa Yunus-Abad. Both mounds and dips of earth which some archeologists believe to be the sites of ancient Zoroastrian temples. During the journey to these sights, Rustam spoke at length about Ahura Mazda. The Avestan meanings, wisdom, creation, the universe, good versus evil, what it means to be a mazdayasni…. I asked him what he thought about Parsis not permitting conversions. He quoted from the Gathas of Zarathustra: Yasnas 30.2 and 45.1. I won’t paraphrase it here but it’s enough to say that in those passages (translated by C. Bartholomae), Zarathustra invites all people, men and women (narém, narem), from near and far, to come to him. Rustam put this question to me: Wasn’t King Vistasp a convert too? Didn’t the Zoroastrians of the ancient world belong to some other religion or cult before they became Zoroastrian?

Whether we consider them Zoroastrian or not is of no concern to them. What matters is that they feel wholly accepted by Ahura Mazda, the highest wisdom. Who cares what we think?

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Courtesy : Rusi Sorabji


  • There is much Merrit in closer ties between Indian Zoros & Zoros World-Wide especially Central Asian countrie s ,much benifit from Exchange of veried Expience

  • i FULLY endorse their claim that they ARE Zorastrians . Let us not be so bigoted & usurp monopoly over Zoraster

  • Rustomji, you do not have to prove any one. So called Traditional Zs are very narrow in their understanding on a larger scope of humanity to understand that Zarathuhstra’s teachings for all mankind and we thank our ancesters be Iranians or Parsis for preserving. It’s time to share his beautiful words of wisdom to whoever desires to listen to. Thank you for embracing the teachings of Zarathushtra. Pl. continue on your work as long as you have strength and ability with true understanding.

  • Homi H Shekhdar

    I fully endorse Behram Deboo’s views, so far as others believe in Zarathushtra’s philosophy and teachings, they should be receieved with open arms and included in our community. I must add, that no labels be given to them, as “neo-zoroastrians etc” they believe in Spitaman Zarathushtra and His teachings, therefore they are Zoroastrians as such.
    If one looks far enough, the Kurds, Tajikis, Uzbekis and few Russians are all ex Zoroastrians , and as such should be absorbed in our faith.
    Just remember Asho Zarathushtra was a noble figure who was universal and taught and spread the words of Ahura Mazda without bias as to their caste, creed or colour.In fact, it was our good luck that we were born Zoroastrians, and like Zarathushtra we must also spread the good prophet’s words of Humata, Hukhta and Vharashta.
    May Ahura Mazda bless you all, and may I wish you a very happy and properous Now Rooze, and that includes our latest devotees.
    Eat, drink and be happy and spread happiness to others, this is my philosophy.

  • i fully endorse All are practising Zoroastrians & therefore should be accepted as such

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