Porus Vimadalal – Fashion Photographer

The Beginning I’ve been creative since childhood, I loved to sketch and paint for as long as I can remember. I decided to study Fashion Design after junior college having won a partial scholarship at Wigan & Leigh, Mumbai. After I graduated, my father who was an airline pilot, convinced me to acquire a Commercial Pilot License and I left for Dallas, Texas soon after. I bought a digicam there and would use my spare time taking pictures. After acquiring my license, I realized I didn’t see myself flying commercially. I then finally got my first DSLR and decided to go all out with it. I would style my friends, even do their make up and pose them for pictures. In 2011, I left for a one year diploma course in Photography at the Vancouver School of Media Arts. It was an amazing experience in every way, I started doing my own shoots during spare time and experimenting with various styles and techniques. It helped me grow as a person and develop my style as a photographer. In the process I got to work and shoot with some very talented models, make-up artists and stylists.

Born in Mumbai, Porus studied fashion design & later photography at The Vancouver Institute of Media Arts. A creative mind with an intriguing edge, his unique style blends exquisite lighting with dramatic juxtapositions effortlessly.

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