Mama Parsi: Meet Headmistress Parvin Rabadi

Parveen Rabadi left Lahore in 1974 to join the Mama Parsi Girls’ High School in Karachi – little did she know that the love and affection of being part of the school’s legacy would not let her go back.
“It has been a very challenging journey but now when I look back, I feel an assurance from within that my time with this school has taught me a lot,” Rabadi, the headmistress at the school’s afternoon shift since 1991, said while talking to The Express Tribune.
Rabadi and her team of 39 teachers cater to around 700 girl students in the shift.
“I was a simple and inexperienced young lady, even a crybaby at times,” Rabadi said with a chuckle, recalling her early time at the school. “But I credit all the qualities that I find in myself today to the school and my colleagues. They taught me how to take on challenges and face hardships.”

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