Dasturji Kutar Remembered

On Roz Din Mah Avan Monday 8th April 2013, a Jashan will be performed at Rustomframna Agiary to mark the 38th death anniversary of the late Dasturji Kaikhushru Mahiyar Kutar.  The annual function is organised by Dadar Jashan Trust when his students pay their respects to their revered teacher.


Dasturji Kutar was a teacher extraordinary.  His talks were replete with examples anecdotes, quotations borrowed from various sources. His style of delivery, his mastery over the language, his powerful oratory, his humorous anecdotes made a deep impression on his audience. He taught that Zoroastrianism was a way of life. His religious instruction class would begin with a humbandagi – which is the second paragraph of each geh.

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Courtesy : Marzban Giara



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