WZO – An Overview of Welfare Activities – 2012

Dear Friends, Well Wishers, Donors,
The year under review – 2012 – has been very interesting, satisfying and rewarding not only in terms of donations received but also for opportunities that came our way to enlarge the activities of our Trusts.

In January 2012 we received an invitation from ZAGNY (Zoroastrian Association of Greater New York) to attend the Sixteenth North American Zoroastrian Congress organized by them at the Hilton Rye Town in Rye, New York from August 2nd – August 5th and participate on the panel making a presentation on ‘Combating Poverty in our Communities Abroad”. The theme of the Congress was ‘Zarathushti Existence in the Contemporary World’.
The Congress coincided with the ‘Silver Jubilee’ of FEZANA (Federation of Zoroastrian Associations of North America) which was celebrated by delegates displaying amity, goodwill and solidarity.

The North American Zoroastrian Congress provided us with an excellent opportunity to reach out to our community members residing in North America and create heightened awareness about our multifarious welfare activities.
Apart from the donations that were received, a good number of individuals have come forward to volunteer their support in diverse areas from their base at North America as well as make actual field trips in India. New friendships have been forged and there has been a quantum leap in the number of new thought processes and fresh ideas being generated. This certainly augurs well for the future of our Trusts.

Click Here for WZO Trust – Multifarious Welfare Activities – 2012 along with some photos of the wonderful work being done

Courtesy : Dinshaw Tamboly

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