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Hello my name is Homai Khanna(Irani). I would like to help some zoroastrian student or family who is going thru some hardship. I have been living in States for last 44 years. I graduated from Sir JJ Girls’ High School in 1966 or 67. At that time my principle was Ms. Bamji. As our father had passed away and my mother a widow with nothing so Bombay Parsi Panchayat and Sir J J girls high school helped my whole family quite a lot. All my siblings are all proud graduates of high school atleast and myself and my 3 brothers further graduated from College also. I would like to help someone in need just as I was helped.

Please respond as soon as possible with a contact name or an e-mail address.

Homai Khanna

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  • That is a very Good thought. While so many people forget the help other did in their need, you thought about a needy student . May god bless you & help you with your good work. Amin…

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