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Can anyone please guide me with the relevant infomation ?

Recently in reading Charles Allen s deeply researched book on Ashoka I came across repeated referances to the strong  connection his empire had with the Persian  empire and the great influence of Persian and Greco Persian architecture on the stupas and other structures of his time 

Some years back I remember reading about a Parsi lady archaeologist conducting a dig at a site in either UP or Bihar and having unearthed very important artifacts etc to establish the fact that the Persian empire did extend right upto this part of India and I would wish to know more about the overall findings of this study 

Would it confirm the more than 2000 year old connection between the two civilisations and ofcourse the probable strong nexus between Rigvedic and the Zoroastrian religions ?

Would be grateful to hear from anyone who knows more about this or can identify the lady archaeologist or guide me to further reading on this subject 

Thank you
Jehangir Cama

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  • Cyrus S. Saiwalla

    Late Pandit Nehru had acknowledged in his fascinating book ‘Discovery of India.’ He had stated that, the great Emperor Ashoka had built the famous Ashoka pillar which was the replica of the Perse-Polis built by the King of Kings Darius the Great, 2000 years ago.
    The King of Kings Kurush (Cyrus) the Great ruled 2/3 of the world. He had coined the word ‘Hindu’, He had liberated the Jews from the captivity and given them freedom to live and to worship. In the old Testament, he is called the ‘Anointed of God.’ He had introduced the first democracy in the world. See the Cyrus famous cylinder which is at present displaying in U. S.

    Besides, Reg Vedas are the precepts of Gathas, given by Asho Spitam Zarathustra. Especially, Vohushathra Gatha is related to the Hinduism.

    Avesta and the Reg Vedas’ Sanskrit are called the twin sisters.
    Refer the late Kanga’s Gathas and there you will find lots of Sanskrit words.

    All the 5 major religions of the world were emerged from the teachings of Asho Spitam Zarathustra’s Gathas.
    This is just the glimpse shown here.

  • I know of only one Parsi Lady archaeologist. Her name is Katy Dalal. Maiden name Katy Frenchman. Katy Dalal is no more. However her son (I think) is also an archaeologist. The family runs a catering business. She is famous for the book:Jamva Chaloji:Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2013 14:13:17 +0000 To: patelmani@hotmail.com

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