Zarathushtis in the news recently:

Following Zarathushtis were in the news media recently:
* According India West’s April 5, 2013 issue, Producer Ronnie Screwvala, CEO and founder of Indian Entertainment giant UTV Group, spoke at a press conference at the 63rd Bertinale International Film Festival on February 13 in Berlin, Germany.
Also, Mr. Screwvala will be a keynote speaker at the annual TIE conference to be held at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Northern California, May 17-18.  TIE is a business mentoring organization.
* Mr. Zubin Karkaria, CEO of the VFS Global Group, was appointed as a member of the executive board of Kuoni Group effective March 21. Mr. Karkaria is the first Asian to serve on the executive board of Kuoni Group. Besides continuing in his existing role, he will also take on the role of executive board member and will now report to the CEO of the Kuoni Group, Peter Rothwell. VFS Global has been made a separate business division of Kuoni Group. Mr. Karkaria was responsible for the coneptualization and launch of VFS Global in 2001, and has led the company to become one of the largest global companies in its field of providing visa and other consular services to governments and diplomatic missions. 
* Nauzad Sadry was elected as one of four vice-presidents of the Lions Club of Little India, for the year 2013-14, in Artesia, California.
* Mr. Ratan Tata, former head of India’s largest industrial conglomerate, TATA industries, was interviewed by Fareed Zakaria on CNN TV’s GPS show on Sunday, April 14, 2013.  Zakaria complemented TATA as being an exception of a business entity in India that operated with a moral code, in an environment of corruption and bribery. When asked why TATA did not use bribery to grow faster but endured difficulties instead, Mr. Ratan Tata replied that he can sleep peacefully at night. He also pointed out that 60 percent of TATA’s revenues go to a charitable foundation that gives back to society for education, medical services, etc. and that the TATA family as a whole only gets about 2 percent of the company’s revenues. You can listen to the audio of the GPS program at the link 
Courtesy : Maneck Bhujwala

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