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This is it:

Instant news: have learnt that due to the events in Iran,  the Crown prince & family have converted to Zoroastrianism with a Sudreh pushi ceremony.

It was rumored that they had become Bahais but that’s not true. His office has confirmed this news that they became Zoroastrians.


  • Is this really true or officaly confirmed?

  • Does this small boy Actor even understand the Avesta or the Zorastian religion or is it just a publicity stunt statement

    , I feel sad at this confused lost little boy whose grandfather seized the throne or Iran from the Quajars & who him self was ousted by his own son Reza shah the last Shah and named him self a Pahalavi !!!! in a nice bolly wood scripted story

    This Poor boy has not achieved any thing in life on his own nothing his life is a big zero

    , Islam is one of the Greatest Religions ever practiced by mankind the Koran and the shariat can guide any human being to lead a fruitful God loving life

    All religions are Great and Good if you follow them well

    any future King of Iran will have to love The religion and way of life of his people

    • Wise words but who is to say what is in his heart? I hope he finds God through Ahura Mazda if that is what his heart tells him.

    • Yes, I agree with the above comment that Islam is the Greatest Religions of the world and the convert adherants would no longer be bullshited by communities belonging to other religions. It is a great living religion. It is time the leaders of our Parsi Community come to understanding with Iranian religious (shia islam) and conduct enmass coversion of Parsis to Shia Islam. Then we will also belong to one of the Greatest Religions which is thankfully also conservative. People from other religions and our rich industrialists (so called Parsis) will think 100 times before discriminating and prejudicing against Parsis.

      • Dear Piloo , I was just commenting on the “Crown ” Prince so called conversion to Zorastian religion & pointing out that all religions as revealed by Prophets are great depending on your intelligence to understand them ,& spirituality behind them

        I do not recommend conversion of any Zoroastrians to shia Islam Period

        or conversion from one religion to another

      • I think you are disillusioned. Any faith which has been spread by the sword has much to answer to.

        I for one am proud that I am born and will die a Zoroastrian.

  • I wish this crown prince a good life where he can do something to make a difference

    God is the King of Kings & in India we already havet the Kings of kings enshrined The Iranshah where our Holy fire burns since 1400 years

    • Sir Mehernosh,

      If you don’t mind me asking, as you seem proud to be a Zoroastrian, what is the state of our community in terms of helping our youth progress in India?

  • Homi H Shekhdar

    I am sincerely shocked by the irresponsible statement of Pilloo Manijeh, who blatantly suggests, that our already depleted community to embrace Shia Islam, just to evade the criticism of mere by-standers
    of our noble and sublime religion. Is she genuinely ashamed to be one of us.
    This reaction of utter surprise, be it factual or a rumour is causing an immense stir in our community just because, he is the son of the late Shah. I only hope, we receive an influx of new-comers to convert to Zoroastrianism, to add new blood and increase the number, preferably, Iranians, Kurds Tajikis and Russians, and broadcast to the world that Zoroastrianism is alive and kickiing and is open to all races creed and religion. It would be an enlightening experience.
    After all Asho Zarathushtra was a distinct free-thinker.

    • Homi H Shekhdar

      Sir Mehernosh Shroff,
      Dear Sir,
      I noted your initial comments re Crown Prince Reza Pahalavi, as a boy actor with diminished knowledge of worldly affairs as, superfluous
      and undeserved remarks.
      The socalled “boy actor” has come a long way since his birth.
      To fill in your deficient knowledge, he has been trained as a jet pilot
      has attended Williams College in USA and has studied political Science
      with a BSc degree.
      He may not have studied Avesta and the religious binding that goes with it, but is openly aware of the fact that secular policy and separation of religion from state affairs is mandatory
      He is against Clerical censorship and dictatorial policy of the present Iranian Islamic State. His belief in privacy and individual conscience in maintaining one’s religion is quite appropriate.
      He has written three books, showing wide and wise knowledge of political and ethical behaviour in society.

      If all his above mentioned aquisition is not enough, then what is?
      So, what I would suggest is, to have your facts correct and uptodate.
      The fact or rumour that he has embraced Zoroastrianismot, is
      I personally, would like to see an educated and enlightened human being any day, be it Zoroastrian or non-Zoroastrian.
      Homi H Shekhdar FRCS

    • My comments are in context of:-
      • Open prejudice and discrimination faced daily by Parsis.
      • Deliberately targeting of our Charities and religious institutions by persons of the majority community.
      • No respite from prejudice and discrimination faced by Parsis.
      • Blatant discrimination of jobs etc against Parsis. Even what they are supposed to get according to well set rules and policies they are by passed by the majority bullying.
      • Rules and Policies are made only to pander to vote banks and numberical strength of the majority communities.
      • Most of the Parsis are emigrating to USA, UK , Australia, Canada and New Zealand to escape this discrimination which Parsis Akbars of the community have turned a blind eye.
      • When Parsis came to India they came with the belief that there would be free from prejudice and discrimination, but alas inspite of a Great Secular Constitution of India, it is not practiced in real life.
      • Most of the Industrialists and Trustees of the community have their own selfish interest in mind. The so called middle class have nowhere to go.
      • The so called Industrialists in the USD 100 billion group, other Industrialists and Trustees in the name of secularism have totally destroyed the community sense of the Parsis. They had done more damage to the community in the past 100 years which Arab rulers with all their absolute powers could not achieve in 1000 years.
      • However, we uncessaryily gloat over their riches and fame and not think of the enormous damage done by them.

      I wish this educated community thinks rationally where we can continue with the present trends.


  • As far as I can find, this conversion happened very quietly several years ago.

    As far as Parsis being discriminated against, if they would open their minds to non-Parsis and stop discriminating against them, they would find themselves surrounded by support for their cause. But support is a 2 way street.

    • let every human being choose God & Love God only in a deep rooted spiritual belief that the soul is neither a Zorastian nor a hindu nor islamic Nor Cathloic ( Religion is just a way of life a route Propounded by various Prophets all of whom are same in their words and deeds and teaching ) and concentrate more on Good thoughts Good deeds and Good words ,

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