Art Attacked

Little children are using all their imagination in making beautiful pieces of art using junk thrown aside at home. Hoofrish Jehangir Bisney conducted a creative craft workshop for children to help discover their creative talents.
Children there made creative colourful stationery holders from empty plastic bottles, utility containers from ice-cream sticks, funny paper-weights from pebble stones, fancy fish mobile hangings from old CDs and a lot more. “We have immense fun by making the best use out of the waste material” says one of the enthusiastic kid.
“Art & Craft has always been my passion. I started as a hobby at home and later went on to teach at reputed schools. To see the happiness and smile on my students’ faces is my best reward” says Hoofrish Jehangir Bisney the teacher. Apart from the children this art and craft workshop plays a major role in satisfying parents who generally keep worrying about their kids during summer. “My child is found busy doing useful things these days instead of sitting and staring at the Idiot box” says a parent.

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