Fali Nariman’s new book – The State of the Nation

Being the constitutional expert that he is, Nariman finds his answers in both, judicial and political (in)action. To wit, through the six chapters that deal with issues like Capturecorruption, in general polity and higher judiciary, the common man, and federalism among others, one senses the author’s primary grudge to be this: the lack of will and idealism.

Ask the 84-year-old why this is so, and one receives an analogy, in reply. Speaking to Mirror over e-mail, Nariman says, “My own response is that contained in the sentiment expressed in a letter written more than 300 years ago by the Chancellor of Sweden to his son. Count Axel Oxenstierna (one we would designate today as Prime Minister) was Sweden’s greatest public servant. In the 1648 letter, he wrote, ‘Thou dost know my son with how little wisdom the world is governed.’

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  • Fali Nariman is one of the most eminent Legal authorities in India , a legend & i am constantly amazed by his sharp wit and and astute understanding

    when i was chatting with Anahita Nariman( Fali Narimans daughter who is an eminent speech therapist ) I found out that we were distantly related Via my grandmothers Fui who married Rathansha Contractor the man who built the Gateway of India For Gammon India just a century ago 1911-12

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