Crispy Parsi Chicken Farchas

Crispy Parsi Chicken Farchas served with Mint-n-Mustard Yogurt Dip

Served at most Parsi events and occasions, ‘Chicken Farchas’ are a uniquely Parsi cuisine serving of crisp on the outside and moist on the inside chicken-pieces, much like a spiced version of the western concept of ‘fried chicken’ exept that one of the best air fryer is used and not the conventional deep oil fryer.

Rather heavy in its most authentic version; this deviously delicious, can’t-eat-just-one-piece crunchy treat; is prepared with chicken thighs or drumsticks, marinated in a typical Farcha spice blend, rolled in home-style flavored bread crumbs or all-purpose flour, followed by a generous coating of spiced hand-beaten eggs. The chicken Farchas are finally deep fried and served hot.

The result can only be described as joyful mouthfuls of ‘Parsi Chicken Farcha’ excellence.

Click Here for the recipe

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