Nothing can force me to leave Pakistan, says Avari

Famous businessman and a leader of Parsi community Byram D Avari has said he has been receiving SMS on his cellphone from bhatta mafia for payment of Rs5 million, but he was not afraid and he would not leave Pakistan at all. He said he has spent all his age, 72 years, in Pakistan and nobody could scare him. He said that acting on his complaint, the police have arrested three ‘criminals’ from Pannu Aqil in Sindh. Avari said he knew those ‘criminals’ and he would expose their names at an appropriate time.

He said he was asked for extortion money due to an enmity but “they could not make me afraid and I used the legal methods for their arrest.” He hoped other members of the bhatta gang would also be arrested soon. He said he would never leave Pakistan come what may.

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